Russia To Host PartyPoker LIVE Million National

The Sochi Casino and Resort will be the venue for the first party poker Million National event.

This event will be taking place in Russia in association with the Poker Club Management in Sochi, Russia. The casino is a new one and will be opening its doors to the general public on Jan 20. Partypoker has said that the event in Russia will be held in March.

The buy-in for the PartyPoker Million National in Russia is fixed at $1,100 and the prize money guaranteed is $1 million. The first place can earn $200,000 guaranteed. This prize pool is sure to draw many of the avid poker enthusiasts to the Sochi resort come March. The announced guaranteed prize money will be a combined one that involves both line and online elements. There will be five opening days of events to be held in Sochi in March and the first two days will be held on March 12 and March 19. The last three days of the opening days of PartyPoker Million National at the Sochi Casino and Resort will be held on 24th, 25th and 26th of March 2017.

The players that survive the opening day’s events both on the live and the online platform will then proceed to take part in the Day 2 and Day 3 events that will be held on March 27 and March 28. After the third day, the first PartyPoker Million National champion will be crowned.

The Sochi Casino and Resort and PartyPoker are very much excited about the first PartyPoker Million National to take place in Russia. It is going to a totally new experience for the organizers as well as the players. The resort manager, Artur Voskanyan, said that it was a great pleasure and honor for the Sochi casino and Resort to conduct this prestigious event in their five-star location.

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