Day 3 Of MCOP Amsterdam

The Day 3 of 2016 MCOP Main Event was disbursed with 2 buses touts all at the same time.

As a result, it made for a final table of 2 with no delay of hand for hand play. Some of the popular names like Michiel Brummelhuis, Arne Coulier and Jussi Nevanlinna fell short. However, other players like Charlie Carrel and Juha Helppi did make it. Helppi led the final 9 with Carrel that successfully earned 5 out of 5 cash this week. The Day 3 began with 53 players. Before completion of the first level, there were over 15 players that managed to hit the rail. The first one to go was none other than Foeke Deinum and he was followed by several players that held up their hands to receive cheques worth €7,895.

Jussi Nevanlinna who was the title defender may have not made to his goal. Charlie Carrel was assured of cashing in 5 out of 5 tournaments. He is playing this week and began his day by being a chip leader. There were a few small pots that he lost just to lose bigger series to make it drop down.

The player doubled Hakim Zoufri when the bluff failed and led to many chips to which were at the final table. Arne Coulier was knocked out by Juha Helppi so as to become the chip leader.

Things went pretty fast soon after the 12th place was excited by Ben Heath. Also, 2 players at 2 different tables busted at the same time. The crowd was welcomed by a massive crowd and the entry was made up to the final table with their own song that was played as well as cheered by their family and friends. The players are guaranteed a huge sum of money and now the wait is to see who makes it to the top. The final 9 is most likely to return to the Holland Casino in Amsterdam around 3 pm today.

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