505 Games brings in unique Poker RPG

505 Games have introduced unique Poker RPG into Steam Closed Beta this day, suggesting interested poker sharks could get a great look at the Prominence Poker.

This ‘sport’ comes as 505’s upcoming new IP, after the successful introduction of Portal Knights, and this is being built up by indie studio Pipeworks.

You kickoff would kickoff in Prominence Poker with only your wits as well as a poker face to dig into seedy and unsuspecting places for underground games. Backdrops include a dive biker bar, the local casino, and even the backroom of a laundromat. You would march on to encounter against unprincipled characters through 4 cunning factions as they work their path up to dispute the leader of every bunch, all for a final showdown along with “The Mayor” – the inscrutable town founder.

With this game, you can make your own poker alter ego from head-to-toe and gain experience points to disengage emotes, unequaled prestige and items, thus bringing RPG elements in this mix. A complex bluff-and-tell procedure would have poker players reading their opponents for hints to their hand strength, along with subtle gestures including frequency of card checks, speed of play and a lot more.

Prominence Poker would also boast a deep multiplayer undergo along with regularly planned events, tournaments, daily challenges, unlockable new venues, ranked modes as well as other future content. You could sign up for the Closed Beta for Prominence Poker at the official website, and also look into some scenes of the game in action.

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